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Why are you so paranoid?


{ { about me } }
Good lord, where to begin? Well, I'll start by introducing myself. Hello, I'm Sammi. No, I wasn't born with that name, it's just a nickname that I was given.
I'm just your typical anti-social kind of girl... still growing up and trying to figure out life. I'm more of a lurker than an active poster on Livejournal. I hardly ever write on my journal page. You can usually find me commenting amazing stories and artwork in the Hetalia and Hetalia-related communities. I love me some APH. My favored profession for when I must sprout my wings and fly free into the world called "Adulthood" is a career in journalism. I love writing and I'm even on my high school's newspaper staff... Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I'm still in high school. I love the fine arts; if I believed that I was good enough I would try my luck in the art business. Maybe I'll make a comic or two, who knows? Anyways, get to know me. I'm a pretty chill person once you get to know me. Okay that's a BIG lie, I'm very high-strung. Well, I'm cool I suppose.

Profile credit: candypyon.